The “fact is the set of people, events and relationships that make up the interests to be protected. Without knowing and understanding people and their work contexts, an appropriate legal analysis is almost never practicable and, consequently, the search for a solution adhering to the reality of the “fact” itself.

After ten years of collaboration, we have set up the Cinque e soci S.r.l., a lawyer company, which we have registered with the Milan Bar Association. We are professionals who believe and invest in the relationship. Very briefly, the company is a group of people organized with common goals.

The passage from the associative constraint to the proper structure of a capital company assumes a historical and cultural significance for the legal profession and is destined to have a profound impact on relations with the Client, who, in addition to dialoguing no longer with a professional studio more or less articulated, but with a real capital company subject in many ways to the common civil law, it may also decide to participate in the share capital as a financing partner, to whom a maximum quota of 30% is reserved, in order to consolidate and enhance the professional link based on solutions that have never been so innovative.